Hi, I'm Steph

My goal is to sustain myself by utilizing my time to inspire, create, and innovate.  

Born and raised in Venice, CA, the surf, skate, and artist culture has inspired me to forge my own path and zealously pursue my creative endeavors.  

Now, let's dive into the story behind my website's name. In 2018, during my senior year of high school, I launched Graveyard Garage, a clothing brand that reflected my passion for up-cycling garments through airbrushing, painting, and various mediums. With major collaboration including Vogue and Apple, I learned the value of Marketing and Product Placement.   

My journey as an artist began with a strong foundational tactile approach. The last two years I have found myself within the "digital era" focused on expanding my "creator" skill sets. My expertise lies in the areas of creative direction, filming, editing, color grading, digital illustration and graphic design. Looking ahead, I have plans to work in 3D modeling, animation, and VR experiences. I believe continuous growth and innovation allows for more impactful projects that reach wider audiences
This website will serve as a dynamic portfolio of my evolving focus and mediums.

I look forward to sharing my recent artistic ventures with you,
Steph :)

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