brown rock formation on white sand beach during daytime

Hi, my name is Steph

For the rest of my life, I plan to sustain myself by using my time to inspire, create, and innovate.  

Still living in Venice, CA at 22 years old, I am extremely fortunate and grateful for the life i've lived here. The creative surf/skate/graffiti culture of Venice is something I will always care deeply for.

Graveyard Garage
 began in 2018 with a fabric marker and a pair of Dickies scrubs at my high school. I fell in love with revamping thrift store finds, and throughout the years I have continued to up-cycle hand selected garments through airbrushing, painting, hand dying, ect.
This year, on my creative path through the digital era, I have advanced my Graphic Design skills, understanding of AI, and knowledge of what amazing content creation looks like.  

After just finishing up my internship at SPACE150 working for Beats Headphones, I have transitioned into a new focus in videography. This year, I plan to create through photography/videography, with a focus on the beauty of beach culture, SandBorn Bikinis, nature, and traveling.