Stephanie Wise

brown rock formation on white sand beach during daytime


Venice is about being yourself no matter what. It's about pushing yourself when surfing or skating, and then being creative in the downtime. It's about acceptance, learning from the OG's, and dancing with the tweakers. Through all the love, there is that "Don't [email protected]! with me attitude," but only if an issue arises. In the V, it's a constant party, and every day there's something new. The weirder you are, the more you contribute to my home. There really is no place like Venice! 
Growing up here, I have seen Venice undergo so many changes. My family goes back four generations, so my view of Venice is quite different than most peoples. I value the past, and live by it. 

Graveyard Garage

Every teacher in every grade complained to my parents about how I would draw through every class.  It was something I couldn't help but do. I naturally am a high energy person, and I need to be surfing, skating, or doing art to feel like myself. 
Senior year of high school, my life took a sudden halt after I dropped into a half pipe (intoxicated) and broke my ankle. I couldn't surf or skate for 6 months. On the bright side, this was a huge turning point. With this sudden slow down, I was able to focus more on my creative side. 
I decided I wanted to share my art and create a high fashion Venice surf/skate brand. Many of my pieces are hand done, and require my mental state, surroundings, and instruments to be performing immaculately in order for me to create a masterpiece. Not every piece I create is good, and I do not sell what I do not personally like. 

My purpose is to create, and GRAVEYARD GARAGE is my outlet.